Boulder Patients Share Reviews of Dr. Nikander

I have been a patient of Donna Nikander for nearly two years. I have gone to several different Doctors over the past several years and Donna has renewed my life with her care. She always has time for me and does not hurry me out of her office so she can see the next patient. She is very good at getting back to me when I e-mail her with a problem or need a prescription filled. She has changed my meds that I was on when I first went to her along prescribing supplements along with the prescription drugs. The plan she has for me is one she developed for my needs and not one that she would give to everyone weather they needed it or not. She is very kind and really cares about her patients. She even e-mails and sometimes calls me on the phone to see how I am doing. Donna is always concerned about how I am doing and really does care. For that I appreciate all she does for me.

For the past ten years, I have seen numerous doctors, had more blood tests then I can count, been diagnosed with multiple disorders, and have been prescribed eight different types of medication. However, nothing made me feel better and I continued to feel sick every day. Last year, I came across Dr. Donna Nikander’s website on the internet and was immediately drawn to her philosophy and energy. At our first appointment, Dr. Donna talked with me for an hour and truly wanted to get to know me and understand my struggles. She treated me with kindness and compassion and gave me hope that I could acheive wellness. She took the time to investigate what was really happening in my body. As a result, she was able to solve the mystery of my continued illness and has helped me through the healing process. Thank you, Dr. Donna. I will be forever grateful as you have allowed me to live a life without pain.

My life has been greatly enhanced by seven years with Donna Nikander as my primary health care provider. Her high level of compassion and awareness is combined with outstanding abilities in conventional medicine, alternative approaches, intuitive skills and her ability to balance not only physical, but emotional, mental and spiritual elements in all phases of my care and treatment. Donna listens carefully, always offers a myriad of solutions and includes my input as we select the best approaches to any given situation. Above all, Donna knows and respects me as a unique individual, not as a number, a subject or a symptom. She is simply a great blessing in my life.